Fashion week kickstart: Cheap Monday Pop-Up Store Stockholm

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm is just around the corner, and we’re getting a jump start on it by opening a pop-up store the weekend before it all kicks off.

The Cheap Monday Pop-Up Store Stockholm is our first independent retail outlet in Sweden, and it will offer the complete Cheap Monday range, including women’s, men’s, denim and in-season collections, as well as shoes, accessories, underwear and baby clothes.

We collaborated with Swedish architecture and interior design firm Uglycute to create the interior concept, which will express a hard-edged, industrial aesthetic using simple, rough materials based on the store concept for our Cheap Monday Stores in Copenhagen and London. The retail area will be approximately 300 square metres on one floor.

We’ll open the doors on Smålandsgatan 16 in Stockholm on August 23rd, and keep them open until this coming Spring. Norrmalmstorg, the square where the store will be situated, is one of Stockholm’s most expensive, and we’re looking forward to making it a bit Cheaper.

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